May 31, 2018

As my Clastic Sedimentology professor, “Cactus” Jack Lerbekmo, would stress to our class, “Geology is a descriptive science.”  To be useful, your terminology must be clear.  Imprecise or outdated nomenclature should be revised or abandoned.  Such is the case with the U...

May 14, 2018

The daunting but necessary and achievable task of establishing a consistent stratigraphic framework for the Hydro-Geomechanics of the Upper Mannville Deep Basin project has entered a new phase.  (BTW, some readers might think of this as correlating the Wilrich, Falher...

May 11, 2018

I'm exhausted. GeoConvention 2018 is over, and I spent the bulk of today at the annual CSPG Core Conference. I know most conferences are old and fusty (see Velvet Chainsaw's website or Matt Hall's blog, both of which I am a fan), but they're still a way to share knowle...

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