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Karen Matheson


Karen, rocking a cool hat as always

We've had the pleasure of working with Karen for nearly ten years. She is a data magician and has a natural talent for keeping projects on track., We'd be lost without her. An avid rock and mineral enthusiast, it's clear she's a geologist at heart. She's also community and wellness focused and is an active volunteer for Calgary social programs.

Ching Zhu

Ching Zhu.jpg

Ching upstaging the flowers

Ching first came into our circle via an outstanding recommendation from her instructor at SAIT, where she earned a diploma with honours in Exploration/Geoscience Information Technology. Since then she's been a force to reckon with, never missing a detail and always striving to get things done as efficiently as possible. She also makes sure we get our share of authentic Chinese food, but for the rest of us she keeps the heat down a bit from her usual 5-alarm blaze level.

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