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Latest News

Amy has won a prestigious award from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists!
We learned last fall that Amy Fox has been awarded AAPG's 2023 Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award. All of this year's award winners were listed in the January issue of the AAPG Explorer (available to AAPG members here), and there will be an awards ceremony at AAPG IMAGE in Houston at the end of August. Amy is incredibly grateful to her colleagues and peers who nominated her and provided letters of support.

Our latest project on induced seismicity in B.C. is available.

Our extensive report with associated databases (pressures, volumes, DFITs, etc.) is available on the BC OGRIS website (scroll down to Seismicity Research and Monitoring). You can also watch a video of Amy's presentation to the American Rock Mechanics Association Technical Committee on Induced Seismicity that summarizes this and our previous work. 

Enlighten supports Atlas 2027.
Check out the latest developments at the Atlas 2027 website

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There are now a number of recorded presentations and interviews featuring Enlighten presenters out there on the webwaves. Check out the Projects & Presentations page for content and links.
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