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Enlighten Geoscience provides a unique style of geoscience consulting and analysis to clients in Calgary and around the world. Our goal is to solve our customers'‚Äč geoscience problems by doing the highest quality technical work possible, making our work understandable, and filling our interactions with each other and our customers with honesty, integrity and kindness. We have full-time experts with decades of experience in geology and geomechanics, and our associates bring additional capabilities in complimentary areas such as geochemistry and petrophysics.


Our current multi-client projects include the Upper Mannville study and the Duvernay East Shale Basin study. Both studies have a hydro-geomechanical focus. We also provide customized, single-client consulting in geology and geomechanics.


At Enlighten, we believe that solving today's problems in petroleum geoscience isn't a competition, it's a challenge to all of us to work together for the good of our industry and society at large. We approach projects as collaborative efforts between ourselves and our clients to solve puzzles, fix problems and plan smarter. We value fairness and treating people well over fortune-making. 5-10% of all of our proceeds goes to charitable causes. Finally, we like to infuse our work with a little humour whenever possible, because laughter really is the best medicine.


Incorporated since 2015, we carry an approved Permit to Practice from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists of Alberta.