IGY 2 Postscript (a.k.a. I Told You So!)

It's the weekend, and I'm taking a bit of much-needed time to catch up on my reading, including the latest issue of Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT). Just a few years ago, every issue had at least a couple of articles related to geomechanics, but I haven't seen much in recent years. This January issue, however, is much, much different. While the word "geomechanics" might not be in there anywhere, the subject most certainly is. Here's a rundown: The article Water Demand Spurs Permian Infracstructure Investment discusses the topic of salt water disposal through both relatively shallow and deep wells. While not addressed in the article, the link between water disposal and induced seismicit

Suggesting IGY 2 – The International Geomechanical Year!

In 1957 and 1958 more than 65 countries participated in the International Geophysical Year to advance many branches of earth science after years of scientific isolation imposed by the Cold War. (Many people don’t know this, but the great Donald Fagen’s futuristic, tongue-in-cheek hit I.G.Y. is named in reference to the event.) The I.G.Y. was promoted with a series of really neat illustrated posters available for free. How wonderfully geeky it might be to have these in your dining room, but nobody would do that, right?? Ummmm..... We’re already starting the second month of 2018 (where did January go?!), and I find myself scrambling to meet clients' needs, plan events around GeoConvention in M

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