Fare thee well, Wilrich and Falher. Enter the Elmworth

As my Clastic Sedimentology professor, “Cactus” Jack Lerbekmo, would stress to our class, “Geology is a descriptive science.” To be useful, your terminology must be clear. Imprecise or outdated nomenclature should be revised or abandoned. Such is the case with the Upper Mannville in the Deep Basin. Put another way, obsolete terminology does not just exasperate, it exacerbates challenges in advancing understanding (TF, if you're out there and reading this, you'll smile. -AF). Take for example the Spirit River and its Members; the Notikewin, Falher and Wilrich. These terms are generally used to describe the Upper Mannville of the Deep Basin notwithstanding that the type sections for thes

Upper Mannville Deep Basin correlation update

The daunting but necessary and achievable task of establishing a consistent stratigraphic framework for the Hydro-Geomechanics of the Upper Mannville Deep Basin project has entered a new phase. (BTW, some readers might think of this as correlating the Wilrich, Falher and Notikewin but we are moving away from that terminology). The first phase was separating the upper Upper Mannville (née Notikewin) which cuts into the lower Upper Mannville (née Falher and Wilrich) and represents a drop in relative sea level. The lower Upper Mannville consists of a series of continental parasequences each capped by a coal or correlative flooding surface (née Falher) which transitions to a marine to nearshor

What do brittleness and lanyards have in common?

I'm exhausted. GeoConvention 2018 is over, and I spent the bulk of today at the annual CSPG Core Conference. I know most conferences are old and fusty (see Velvet Chainsaw's website or Matt Hall's blog, both of which I am a fan), but they're still a way to share knowledge, catch up with old colleagues and meet new ones. We got a kick out of sponsoring the wi-fi at GeoConvention and making people type "enlightenme" into their devices to get connected, and we're super grateful to the people who stopped by the booth just to thank us for the connection and/or laugh with us over the shameless self-promotion. As usual at any convention, or even just a technical luncheon, I was inspired to write ab

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