Analytics is Great, but My BHA is Still Stuck

I'm sitting at my desk reviewing my powerpoint for my SCA webinar later today (view live here, or archived afterwards here). It briefly went through my mind that I feel a little like I'm beating a dead horse, droning on (well, I don't really drone, but you know) about geomechanical drilling problems. But the thing is, this horse ain't dead. Almost all of my work these days is on wellbore stability. Why? Because it's still a great way to reduce unnecessary costs. It never really went away in the first place; industry just started ignoring it because the focus switched to completions. Now, after years of finding efficiencies (and sticking it to the service companies, just sayin') operators are

Did We Say "Hungry?"

So you're probably here because you clicked on our ad in the CSPG e-newsletter. Well, that's great. Really great. You're actually one of the very first people to have the chance to participate in our "give"-away campaign. Did you miss our last blog post that explained this whole, crazy idea? You might want to check it out. We are kicking off the charitable giving drive with a big splash. For April, we are providing our Partners In Giving with a hydrodynamic interpretation for the May 2 and 16 Alberta Landsales in the East Shale Basin. These postings comprise the bulk of the remaining Crown acreage available for the Duvernay. We have broken the postings into three Blocks as follows: Block

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