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Did We Say "Hungry?"

So you're probably here because you clicked on our ad in the CSPG e-newsletter. Well, that's great. Really great. You're actually one of the very first people to have the chance to participate in our "give"-away campaign. Did you miss our last blog post that explained this whole, crazy idea? You might want to check it out.

We are kicking off the charitable giving drive with a big splash. For April, we are providing our Partners In Giving with a hydrodynamic interpretation for the May 2 and 16 Alberta Landsales in the East Shale Basin. These postings comprise the bulk of the remaining Crown acreage available for the Duvernay. We have broken the postings into three Blocks as follows:

  • Block A: T. 30 to 35, R. 25W4 to 27W4

  • Block B: T. 34 to 38, R. 28W4 to 03W5

  • Block C: T. 45 to 49, R. 21W4 to 25W4

These Blocks are illustrated in the map shown below.

The Deliverables for each Block will include:

  • Woodbend Data Distribution Map

  • Pressure vs Elevation graph proximal to the Block

  • Duvernay/Woodbend Pressure vs Depth map

  • Geothermal Gradient Map

  • Discussion of findings. (The postings include parcels that overlie the Leduc and/or without Duvernay rights. What might these postings have been made for?).

So, yes, we are practically giving this away, but not necessarily for free. Bottom line: if you send us proof that you donated at least $500 to Calgary Meals on Wheels after publication of this post, we will send you our Landsale interpretation. It's that simple. If you like what you see and want more, you can apply your donation to a subscription to our East Shale Basin Duvernay: Reservoir Characterization and Geomechanics or other projects.

Do you take for granted your home-cooked meals? Imagine not being able to get out of the house to buy ingredients for them. Or how about those downtown lunch donairs? What if you couldn't afford them? Calgary Meals on Wheels prepares more than 2,400 meals every day, and their volunteers visit more than 700 home-bound Calgarians who might otherwise not get the nutrition they need. Amy has personally delivered for CMOW and has seen the delight that a simple, personal lunch delivery can bring. They have a fantastic web site full of information including a behind-the-scenes video tour. You can also donate directly via the site.

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