A Career (thus far) Timeline, (Probably Over-)Simplified

As I head off to the SPE/SEG Workshop: Injection Induced Seismicity - The Next Chapter in Dallas tomorrow, I'm reflecting on the overall trajectory of geomechanics as witnessed by yours truly (that is, probably not reflective of everyone's experience) along the course of my career. And I can't help but wonder what is next. Although I have some ideas, which I will keep to myself for now. 1998 Us to Operators: You need geomechanics. Operators: What the heck is geomechanics? Us: Let us explain... Operators: That's too complicated. We don't understand it. It can't be important. [Note 10 year gap, as the field slooooowly grew] 2008-2009 Us: Hmmm, we better keep an eye on this "unconventionals" th

Epilogue - Moneyball

wikipedia Writing blog posts is an interesting process. There is the composition of the post itself: the identification of a kernel of a subject, drafting a post, editing the post and finally publishing it. And then, once you have sent it out into the world, the reaction. Does your topic and your writing style engage with people? And so it was with my recent trilogy of posts on the state of the employment in the Canadian oil and gas industry, companies who are finding a way forward and a summary of tools that can be applied to take a stab at similar ventures. I have been fortunate in the response has been strongly positive. Nothing is perfect. Would Dunkirk have been a better allegori

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