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Well of the Week – Not a one trick pony

Perhaps last week’s Petro Ninja – Enlighten Geoscience Well of the Week gave the impression that the Kiskatinaw was solely a high-risk/high-reward play. Well, I apologize if I painted that picture, because that is only partially true. A different style of play was exploited east of the big structural plays. The same understanding of the tectonically controlled sedimentation patterns in the Stoddart Group allowed for the identification of gas pools updip of the Dunvegan Debolt Gas field trapped along the subcrop of Kiskatinaw sandstones beneath Taylor Flat evaporites.

Location map of Kiskatinaw wells in George pool courtesy of Petro Ninja

While these wells were less prolific than the very best Kiskatinaw wells in the structural fairway, they did display a repeatable nature, and the cumulative production for these much shallower wells was nothing to sneeze at. As an example, the George Field (T. 81 – 82, R. 2 – 3W6) provided an average cumulative production of 7.2 bcf and several wells in excess of 17 bcf. All this from wells in the range of 1,500 m TVD. The relatively subtle nature of the play is illustrated by the logs from 100/11-31-081-03W6/00 shown below.

Log suite created with data provided by Petro Ninja

Pretty impressive secondary play. A shame that, as we all know, all of the pools in the Kiskatinaw have been found…


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