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February 13, 2021 Petro Ninja - Enlighten Geoscience WotW: Bitumount

This is the fifth Well of the Week post in a series describing how Resource Plays (basin-wide plays in which hydrocarbons are the continuous phase) have often driven development throughout the history of the Canadian oil and gas industry. Links to the previous posts are provided at the bottom of the post.

Resource Play: Oil Sands

Discovery Well UWI: Bitumount coordinates: 57.3849° N, 111.6313° W

Drilling/Completion Technology: Pick and shovel

As with last week's post on the Norman Wells Canol play, Bitumount fits between Turner Valley and Leduc on the western Canada oil and gas industry timeline. And, as with the Canol and Oil City, Bitumount represents an early attempt to exploit a Resource Play (as a reminder from the introduction to this series, a resource play is a pervasively hydrocarbon saturated interval extending over a significant portion of a formation. So Athabasca definitely qualifies.).

Since we can't look at well logs or cross sections, we need another way of visualizing the importance of Bitumount.

These two videos do a good job of telling the Bitumount story.

From these early beginnings at Bitumount grew the current oil sands industry. A key part of the World's energy supply.

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