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Well of the Week Selects - Basement Oil

Stampede is on and your boots are both as shiny as the sun but (hopefully) with a few blots from the stables to make it real. (It has been a couple of years so a reminder, jean cuffs belong on the outside of your boots). The Stampede provides a chance to slip off the traces a bit and think outside the corral.

For instance, this Petro NinjaEnlighten Geoscience Well of the Week provides a good opportunity to highlight both an oil producer and a speculative exploration.

This particular Granite Wash well, 100/03-17-086-09W5/00, does not stand out for its production history (66 mbbl cumulative oil), but the Granite Wash and other basement adjacent formations have trapped a lot of oil. Could oil have also migrated into as of yet unexploited fractured basement? Fractured basement reservoirs host some massive hydrocarbon fields elsewhere in the world. Would applying critically stressed fracture theory and other innovative mapping techniques to this play identify new opportunities?

Enjoy the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth. And then start mapping and posting land on Monday!


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