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Well of the Week Selects – Virden: one of the biggest Mississippian oilfield in western Canada

Time for the Petro NinjaEnlighten Geoscience Well of the Week and the preview of a series on Manitoba! The easternmost province in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin is often overshadowed by her western sisters which is a shame because there are a lot of interesting wells to discuss. For example, I bet a lot of people would be surprised to learn that Manitoba is home to Virden, the fourth largest Mississippian oil field in Canada. And 100/02-21-011-26W1/00 is the proud bearer of the largest cumulative oil production in Manitoba’s history.

Trapping occurred through a blend of structural rollover along the subcrop edge. But I wonder if this is field is an end member of a bigger system. Is Virden another example of a conventional play updip of an unconventional play?

Next week we will focus on a well with similar stratigraphy in an over-pressured pervasive oil setting.


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