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Well of the Week Selects - Mississippian Mystery?

The last Petro NinjaEnlighten Geoscience Well of the Week reviewed Manitoba’s largest cumulative producer hosted in the Scallion Member of the Lodgepole Formation (Thanks to Steve Charbonneau and Norm Hopkins for having their sticks on the ice with their much appreciated comments on the post). This week we travel about 1,000 km west along the Trans-Canada Highway to visit a generally equivalent section in the Lower Banff to Big Valley petroleum system at 100/10-30-008-23W4/00. This WotW lies within the Exshaw maturity fairway, has a pressure/depth ratio of 14.9 kPa/m, negligible water and high initial GOR. All signs of a source rock hosted unconventional system.

Offset horizontals had mixed results. What are the rocks trying to tell us? The well produced from the Big Valley Formation. But what about the Exshaw siltstone that wouldn’t look out of place in the ND Bakken? Not only that, diamondoids were found in the cuttings. How geo-cool is that? Regardless of the way forward, with this play, we will need innovative models to unravel the mystery since the old ways didn’t work.


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