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Well of the Week – What did the Charlie Lake say to the Halfway and the Doig?

“Hold my beer.”

Imagine, if you will, three anthropomorphized Triassic formations sitting around shooting the breeze. As discussed in previous Petro NinjaEnlighten Geoscience Wells of the Week, the Doig would say something along the lines of:

Charlie Lake: “Children, please. I rock three major unconformities plus several internal unconformities controlling the distribution of erosional remnants of a very complex sabkha-style depositional environment. But when you figure it out. Wowza!”.

Sequence stratigraphic cross section illustrating complex relationship of bounding and internal unconformities. Davies (1997)

And with that, Dougie and Hal genuflect towards Mr. Lake and then give him back his beer.


Davies, G. R., 1997. The Triassic of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: tectonic and stratigraphic framework, paleogeography, paleoclimate and biota. Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology. V. 45 (4): 434–460. doi:


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