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Well of the Week – The Never-ending Story?

After the Nordegg the Petro NinjaEnlighten Geoscience Well of the Week ran into a bit of ‘writer’s block’ on the upwards sojourn through the plays of the Peace River Arch. The next formation in line is, of course, the Cadomin. And an excellent example of an Arch Cadomin producer is 200/A-014-A 093-P-08/00. It is (you guessed it) a Deep Basin well. And what original thoughts are left to express about yet another prolific Deep Basin well?

Proclaiming once again the wonders of the Deep Basin is akin to ranting about how absurd it is that 4 guys in Toronto can make a highly dubious call to overturn the ruling of the on-ice officials at a critical point in a playoff series. Or how sticking to an abstruse definition of controlling the puck further delegitimizes the NHL. Both points are very valid and have been made at many different times and in many different ways. Regardless, it is ‘Next Year Country’ once again as far as the Stanley Cup is concerned.

Where was I? Oh yeah, with the playoffs rant over, it is time to get on with life. Over the next few weeks I hope to be able to highlight a few non-Deep Basin Mannville Wells of the Week.


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